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Blessed Passover Season and a Look at Balance

Posted by iammarchhare on 9 April 2009

Looking at life-work balance

This will be one of those scheduled posts.  I’m not really here pushing the buttons, as today is a religious holiday for me.  People ask me if I am Jewish, and it confuses them when I tell them I am a Christian that keeps Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread.  Enough of that, though…

One of the reasons I have been going on about soft skills this week is because they truly are important.  One of those is balance.  It is important that you realize you are not the job.  Seek a balance between work, relationships, spirituality (which is really a special relationship with God) and time for yourself.

There is more to life than work.  Strive to seek an adequate balance in your life.  If your home life falls apart, what is the worth of your work then?  If you take no time for yourself, then your overall growth will be stunted.  A life that is not spiritually balanced tends to become selfish.  A life without work is unfulfilled (and usually broke).

Remember, work will be there tomorrow.  And, even if it is not, then why kill yourself for it today?  Your friends and your family might not be.  God will surely be there tomorrow, but will you be?

Something to consider: If your funeral was tomorrow, what would you want the eulogy to be?

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Which Relationships Really Matter?

Posted by iammarchhare on 8 April 2009

Let’s not overlook the obvious

I was reading a TechRepublic article “Everyone matters a little but not everyone matters a lot” in the IT Leadership section by Benny Sisko today with some interest.  His main point was overcoming his desire to be liked by everyone around him.  Some relationships matter more than others.  To sum up, he had learned to prioritize those relationships, and he shared his reasoning behind the prioritization.

So, I wrote an article on Associated Content called “Prioritizing Relationships in a Rocky Economy“.  Are you concentrating on the ones that really matter?

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