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Ethics Problems in Project Management

Posted by iammarchhare on 16 April 2009

Please note my new Helium article on project management ethics:

What are the challenges a project manager faces?

What do Bernie Madoff, Enron, WorldCom and AIG have in common?  If you said, “Investigations into accounting fraud”, you would be correct.  There have been numerous accusations of fraudulent activity of large corporations since 2000.1

Our entire economy is run on at least a basic level of trust.  We trust that our money will be accepted.  We trust that public corporations will have oversight and comply with the law.  The stock market indicates the level of trust that investors have in our economy.  When news is good, the stock market usually goes up.  When the news is bad, the stock market usually goes down.  The strength of the US dollar overseas is an indication of the level of trust that other economies have in our own.

Customers trust companies to provide the goods and services contracted and paid for.  Companies trust customers to pay on time.  Likewise, vendors trust companies to pay them on time, and companies trust the vendor to deliver on time.  Many times in the middle of these affairs will be a project manager (PM).

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