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I’m a Geek!

Posted by iammarchhare on 24 March 2009


Listen, I’ve had enough!  I am a geek!  Just because I’ve been a “manager” doesn’t mean I didn’t earn my stripes in the trenches!  I’ve done desktop support, and I’ve written software.  I’ve even run a BBS.  I’ve even coded TCP/IP modules!

I am not going to “process payments” and launder your money from Nigeria.  I am not looking to “repackage” your stolen goods from Poland.  I’m not giving you my bank account number for “transfers” in order to speculate on currencies (like that’s what you’ll do with the information anyhow).  I am not a salesman, and I’m sure as hell not going to sell your bloody insurance!  Do your sales people run the networking cable for your office?  I didn’t think so!

I’m not interested in MLM.  I have no money to buy a franchise, and I certainly don’t want to buy into a financial consultancy!

I’m a geek!  Just because I advertise or post my resume online doesn’t mean I’m interested in a lot of crap!  Stop it already!  If it doesn’t have “computer”, “information”, “project” or “technology” in the description, then send your spam to /dev/null!


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