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Social Media Here, Social Media There, Social Media Everywhere

Posted by iammarchhare on 4 September 2009

Not long ago, I posted “Mixing Social Networking & Business”.  In that article, I drive into the ground (or, did I beat a dead horse?) the point that social networking without a strategy will probably mean another failed IT initiative for that company.  Maybe it wasn’t IT that truly failed even, but IT will get the blame anyhow.

I also made a smaller point that much of it would apply if you are doing social networking as an individual but for business reasons.  Perhaps you are building your network, establishing your expertise or some other objective.

The experts all seem to agree.  “You need to network.”  “You should be running a blog.”  “You need to get on Twitter.”

Pawel Brodzinski at ICPM asks a rather interesting question in “Social Media versus Project Management and Software Development”:

Let me ask one question: while exercising all these activities how do you find time to actually manage projects or to develop some code from time to time? “I don’t have private life” counts for the answer if you ask me, but I wouldn’t advise you to go that way.

I understand a trend to incorporate every new cool service which is out there to our professional lives but sometimes it starts to be counterproductive. People focus on “socializing” instead of getting things done. Mixing software development or project management with social media doesn’t have to be win-win because some guru said so.

I have to admit that the same thought has occurred to me from time to time.  On the one hand, is hanging out at the virtual water cooler really any different than what goes on in many companies anyhow?  And, yet his point that it really doesn’t normally help out his project is well taken.  His point that a person needs time away from work is well taken also.  And, it doesn’t really make his day go any better, at least on a regular basis.

So, again, are you focused?  Are you truly using social networking to work towards your stated objective or are you off-track?

I want to leave you with this thought because my life has certainly had some unexpected turns.  I’ve enjoyed this immensely, and I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve honestly been surprised at the number of hits I started getting just a couple of months into this blog.

However, I too need to strategize and concentrate on what’s important.  I’ve come to the decision to end this blog.  I am starting a new one up for more general tech interest that is more in line with a new business strategy.

So, if you want to drop by and say, “Hi” at the blog for John D’s Computer & Network Services, I’d appreciate the favor.  I promise to blog about projects from time to time. 🙂

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Independence Day Break

Posted by iammarchhare on 2 July 2009

For those of you in the US, I wish you all a Happy Fourth!  Please remember to drive safely, practice safety in and around any fireworks and please spend time with your family if you are able.  For those in mission critical positions that demand you work this weekend, I salute you and hope you get just compensation for the work you do (I’ve been there).

And I wish all of you well, whether you are celebrating this holiday or not, and I hope to see all of you again on Monday.

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Posted by iammarchhare on 21 May 2009

I am on the road, but I have queued up some articles for you.  I will pop in and out as wifi access and electrical outlets allow.

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Welcome to Random Acts of IT PM!

Posted by iammarchhare on 20 March 2009

This blog is dedicated to project management, particularly IT project management.  Here I would like to share the successes and blunders of the wild world known as IT project management.

I am an IT PM with 9 years of experience.  I have worked full-time in IT for 13 years.  I started out studying a lot on my own, writing text adventure games and such.

After 11 years in the Army, they were paying people to get out, so I went out and got my BS in Systems Analysis.  While at school, I did some freelance programming, ran a BBS and worked part-time in a computer lab.  At the computer lab, I learned about Novell and AppleTalk networking.  I was Sr Tech by the time I graduated.

Since I was already doing networking and PC support, I landed a job doing Desktop support for a while on contract with BP Oil.  I got tired of that gig, and I wanted to get back into writing code, so I got another contract job doing just that.  They liked my work, so I got hired on full-time as a project lead.  After about 6–8 months, I got promoted to project manager.

Unfortunately, in some of my experience, project management was more of an after-thought.  Mind you, I don’t mean that no one managed it, but no one formally trained in project management oversaw it.  Project management was done by the “seat of your pants”.

I have some articles published on Helium, a writer’s website, about project management and other areas of interest as well.  However, I decided to start a blog because it gives me a little more freedom.  I may cross-publish some posts, but undoubtedly not all of them.  Besides, this gives me a chance to test drive WordPress, and what PM can resist a shiny new toy?

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