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Too Many Flash Viruses, So Little Time

Posted by iammarchhare on 15 August 2009

OK, this is pretty much off-topic, but I’ve seen way too many people lately with Flash problems lately.  If you are having difficulty accessing Facebook or YouTube, this may be your problem.

The one thing all of these problems have in common, at least that I have seen, is that some sort of malware is found on the computer’s hard drive.  I don’t mean simple registry entries or cookies, either.  I mean trojan .EXEs and .DLLs.  It appears that some of these are video related (with names like “movie.exe”), but I suspect the real issue is that they change the registry permissions so that Flash cannot register correctly.

I am going to assume for the sake of argument that you’ve already tried all of the obvious things:

  1. You are logged in as an Administrator.
  2. Your IE security settings are set for “Download Signed ActiveX Controls” and “Run ActiveX Controls and Plug-Ins” to “Prompt”.
  3. You have disabled your antivirus software, especially if it is Norton, but you still get the error.
  4. You have already tried www.adobe.com/go/tn_19166, to include downloading the uninstall utility and manually downloading the zip file (or exe if you are running Firefox).

If these have not worked, it is time to break out the big guns:

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware program from www.malwarebytes.com.
  2. Run a “Perform full scan” on your hard drives.  This may take 2 or 3 hours, so you might want to start it and go to bed. 🙂
  3. When completed, make sure all of the items are selected and that you Remove them.  Undoubtedly, if you are going this route, you will probably have to reboot at this point.
  4. Download http://www.supportflash.com/reset_min.zip.  Then download http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/494/cpsid_49419/attachments/reset_fp10.zip in order to reset permissions.  Be sure to unzip all files into the same folder.
  5. Close all applications, especially IE and Firefox.
  6. Double-click on reset_fp10.cmd.  You will get a commandline window that will pause for you to press a key when complete.
  7. Download the latest from http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer.
  8. Test the player by going to http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/.
  9. If it still fails, open a technical support case at www.adobe.com/support/contact/.

It took me about 2-1/2 days of surfing to come up with this complete list of instructions.  Hopefully, this will save someone some time.

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