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Stirring the Smartphone Pot a Little More: Windows 7 Mobile

Posted by iammarchhare on 14 August 2009

I had gotten some pushback on my post “Microsoft Dropping the Ball?” where I stated that Windows Mobile and even Smartphone hardware needs updating.  Well, it appears that Windows Mobile soon will be updated with Windows Mobile 7.  There is a ZDNet video on TechRepublic, where they ask, “Poll: Would you hold off buying an iPhone 3G S to see how Windows Mobile 7 compares?

Windows Mobile 7 is called the “Big Bang Release for Windows Mobile” by Mary-Jo Foley, who was interviewed for the video.  There should be new phones being manufactured for the release beginning this fall.  I hope this means better hardware as well as better software because, as I stated in my previous article, some of my dissatisfaction is with the speed and memory of some of the phones I’ve used.  I also wonder if any of them will support T-Mobile’s UMA.


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