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A New PM Resource: The Lazy Project Manager

Posted by iammarchhare on 13 August 2009

I came across a unique resource called “The Lazy Project Manager”.  While it is a serious discussion about a serious topic, the website is anything but dry.  While the sentences can be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it provides a unique look at project management.

Apparently, the website is based upon the book The Lazy Project Manager by Peter Taylor, a speaking and project management professional based in London.

“Lazy” is used in the sense that focus is placed where it counts.  “Lazy does not mean Stupid.”  “Lazy does not mean Unsuccessful.”

My only real gripe about the site is that, in Firefox at least, the homepage has a huge gap in it, and, if you aren’t paying attention to the scrollbar, it is easy to miss the fact that there is more information near the bottom of the page.

Anyhow, I’ve only been through about 1/3rd of the pages, and it is an interesting read.

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