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Perot Systems Launches Knowledge Management Portal; CMS Hosts Social Networking Webinar

Posted by iammarchhare on 12 August 2009

I’ve noticed that the few knowledge management (KM) articles received quite a few hits, so I thought you might also be interested in knowing that Express Computer recently interviewed Bhanu Potta from Perot Systems about their newly launched K-Edge portal.  The article “K-Edge leverages content management and Web 2.0 to support complex knowledge requirements” is written by Nivedan Prakash.

As a disclaimer, I have worked with (but not for) Perot in the past, and in particular with Bhanu.  I have a high regard for him and his knowledge management associates at Perot.

Speaking of Web 2.0, CMS is putting on a webinar on “Enterprise Social Software: Ready for Prime Time?” tomorrow, 13 August, at 2:00 pm EDT.  I’ve seen an increase in interest in this area for companies and nonprofits, so I expect it to be a pretty informative webinar.


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