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Learn Scrum in the Amount of Time a Stand-Up Meeting Lasts

Posted by iammarchhare on 7 August 2009

One of the more useful items in the Agile arsenal is the daily stand-up meeting.  Naturally, if you are using Scrum, then the meeting is called a “daily Scrum meeting”.  Having everyone stand encourages the meeting to be short.  The ideal meeting should be ten minutes, but never over 15.  If issues come up that cannot be resolved in that time frame, then a longer meeting may be scheduled with only the necessary participants.

How would you like an overview of Scrum in the amount of time that a daily Scrum meeting would last?  Well, Hamid Shojaee posted “Learn SCRUM in Under 10 Minutes (HD) by @hamids” in ProjectCorner that does just that.  The video is actually 8 minutes long and packed full of information that a novice will find handy.


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