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Posted by iammarchhare on 16 July 2009

Whether you are a contractor or a person looking for a job, chances are that sooner or later you will have to send a fax.  Yes, facsimiles haven’t yet gone the way of the dinosaur.  In fact, I still prefer something like a fax over email when it comes to transmitting personal information, such as SSN, date of birth, etc.

However, considering how little I’ve sent any faxes in the past couple of years, I really don’t feel like investing in a fax machine, toner, etc.  I think I’m averaging maybe one a year at this point.  Hardly worth the cost of even a fax program.

Well, when someone wanted me to fax them a document earlier in the week, I agreed.  When I saw what they wanted me to fill out and send back to them, though, I was disappointed that they didn’t just ask for a scanned copy with a signature to be emailed to them.  There was nothing confidential on the form, so it seemed like a hassle.

OK, I could have gone to Kinko’s and sent it.  However, the time, the gas, etc., just didn’t seem all that justifiable either.  So, I figured that instead of just emailing it to them with some sarcastic blurb, I would try out one of the free online fax sites.

So, after a little research, I tried GotFreeFax.com.  It turned out to be rather painless, and it really was free.  There are no ads on the fax or on the coversheet, either.  You upload the file and send it (it accepts PDF, MS Word DOC or you can type in a message).  You will get a confirmation email in order to send the fax.  I also got an update status email and one a completed status email.  It takes a little longer this way, but I had until the end of the day anyhow.

At any rate, GotFreeFax.com is now bookmarked in my browser.


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