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Posted by iammarchhare on 15 July 2009

As the “cloud” becomes the current model of computing, it only makes sense that more and more project management tools move in that direction.

In that vein, it looks like Michael and Brian Surkan are “Seeking software developer guinea pigs for on-line project management”.  I have not tried the tool out, but the list of features looks promising.  If you have the time and patience for a beta, it may be worth a spin.  I am not associated with them, nor have I even asked permission to blog about their product.  For those of you that like to be on the bleeding edge, though, it might just give you your fix for a while.

So, what do you think?  Is “cloud computing” here to stay?  If it is online, then it can be hacked if someone has the time, energy and know-how.  How can that risk be mitigated?  How can those who use such services be assured of reasonable security?


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