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What Are the Basics of Project Management

Posted by iammarchhare on 14 July 2009

Yesterday, I pointed you to a Helium article on the “Basics of Project Management”.  I also posted a Helium article on “What are the basics of project management?” with quite a different approach.  Which do you like better?

What are the minimal items you need to run a project? If you want a decent shot at project success, there are certain elements you need to address, either formally or informally. The larger the project, the more important it is to address these elements formally. Except for very small projects, at minimum, you need a project charter, project team, requirements, project scope statement, work breakdown structure, project schedule, risk and issues plan and a quality test plan.

Before getting into each of these areas, it is important to understand that a key project management concept is progressive elaboration. Each of the items being discussed may change as a result of the process of progressive elaboration. That means clarity is added to a plan when a greater level of detail is achieved as more specific information is discovered. Requirements, for example, will start at a very high level and will be lacking a great deal of detail. As requirements are gathered, however, they become more specific and concrete.

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