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North Korea Web Attacks

Posted by iammarchhare on 9 July 2009

You’ve probably heard by now, but for the past few days, there have been cyber attacks of various websites in North Korea and the US.  On Yahoo! News, the AP reported “US officials eye North Korea in cyber attack” yesterday.  While the IP addresses do trace back to North Korea, it hasn’t been proven (although certainly speculated) that the N Korean government is involved.

The attacks over the long weekend affected the Treasury Department and the Federal Trade Commission,  Then on Tuesday, the attacks affected various government agencies in S Korea.  Other US departments affected were the State Department and a website for the Secret Service.  Attempts upon the White House web site at www.whitehouse.gov were also made, but only visitors from Asia experienced problems accessing it.

In a similar report today, “Official says 7 SKorean Web sites attacked again”, affecting both government and nongovernment sites.

It is thought that the attacks are in response to alleged S Korean participation in cyber warfare exercises conducted by the US.  N Korea is again claiming that S Korea is planning on an invasion N Korea.

It appears the attacks were all denial of service (DOS) types of attacks.

How long do you believe it will be before security becomes another PMI process area?


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