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Webinars from PMCentersUSA

Posted by iammarchhare on 16 June 2009

PDUs – usually you think of a paid educational event of some type.  While many of them are nice, they can be a bit pricey for the times.

If you are like me, you are always looking for free PDUs, but that is even more true in this economy!  PMCentersUSA has been putting on a slew of free webinars lately.  Each is worth .5 PDUs.

BTW, not everyone knows it, but if you can claim a formal class or seminar for a PDU, you should be able to claim it towards your initial 35 contact education hours for credentials (see PMP handbook, p. 7 to verify that a particular activity is eligible).  Because of a change in rules and format, the class I took at Baldwin-Wallace did not have all the hours I needed.  However, budget and time constraints dictated I go for it.  However, it so happened I also had attended a whole slew of webinars that gave me enough credits to go for certification.  If you are strapped for time and/or budget, AND if you are good at remembering what you read, AND you read through the PMBOK at least 3 times, then this might work for you.

Even then, I’ll admit I could have done better with the full course, so that route is not for everyone.

So far, the PMCentersUSA seminars have been pretty worthwhile, even though they are short (they are supposed to be a half-hour, but one ran to 40 minutes with the question-and-answer period).

PMI Information Services Special Interest Group (ISSIG) also has webinars.  If you are a member, they are free (the webinars alone make the price of membership worth it).  These are typically a full hour, though, so it is easier to get your minimal 15 per year (if you are actively practicing PM for more than 1500 hours in a year, otherwise it is 20) that way.

Also, don’t forget you can earn credits for authoring, teaching and volunteering as well as attending educational events.  Be sure to read the PMP Credential Handbook thoroughly for ideas that might suit your situation.  And, no, fellow bloggers, having your own blog doesn’t fit any of the categories.

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