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Conversation Hacks

Posted by iammarchhare on 14 May 2009

Not quite as savory as the “CNN Article on Thinking on Your Feet”, but LifeHacker also posted an article on the “Top 10 Conversation Hacks”.  Some of these are, well, fake.  The first one listed says “Feign sincerity with eye contact and repetition.”  Not exactly my cup of tea, and it almost was enough to make me stop reading.

One is the exact opposite of the CNN article.  “Use silence to win arguments and nail a negotiation.”  Of course, the situations in the CNN article were quite different.

Ever hear the expression “Don’t tell the customer ‘no’”?  Well, they have that one too with, “Say ‘no’ gently – or say ‘yes, but….’”

My favorite is there.  “Ask questions well.”

All of these have links to other sites.  I followed the one from “Become a human lie detector.” on how to detect BS (language may be NSFW).  I loved this one:

The project will take 5 weeks“. How do you know this? What might go wrong that you haven’t accounted for? Would you bet $10k on this claim? $100k?

~ #53 – How to detect [BS]

Anyhow with 10 hacks and lots of links, I’ll leave you to it.

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