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CNN Article on Thinking on Your Feet

Posted by iammarchhare on 13 May 2009

CNN posted an article on “How to think faster, better on your feet”.  While some of the scenarios described might seem a little contrived, there is always room for improvement in dealing with real life social interactions.  This can range from job interviews to potential date conversations.

The article describes 3 ways to “advance the dialogue”.  Instead of letting the conversation drop or die suddenly, keep it going by:

  1. Use “Yes … and…” to keep moving the conversation forward.
  2. Go with your gut instead of trying to think of the perfect response, break the silence with an instinctive one.
  3. Make others look good.  The example in the article was a bit contrived to me, however I like the idea.  Even the example, though, shows that it is just as important to know why you are there.

Sometimes at work I can get caught up in the work environment and forget the social aspect of it.  It’s nice to see articles like this to ground me a little bit and make me think more about the social interactions on and off the job.


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