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Where Is the Time?

Posted by iammarchhare on 28 April 2009

I will keep this brief.  I’m a little under the weather.  You have that thing to do.  In fact, there are a lot of things to do, and there isn’t enough time to do them all.  Information overload.  Downsizing leads to wearing yet another hat.  The work still needs to be done.

As a project manager, you will be faced with time constraints.  No, not just project time constraints, but you will be faced with day to day time constraints.  You must be able to juggle many things.  How do you get them all done?

The short answer is: You don’t!

If you haven’t learned anything from The Dip yet, you need to prioritize what is important and what is not.  You need to stop or delegate what is unimportant so you have time to do your job.  This is very important in an economy where your job may have previously been done by 3 people.  Identify what each of those 3 people did that was important and discard or delegate the rest.

Ilya Bogorad wrote in a TechRepublic article on 17 April about “10 faulty beliefs that can doom IT leaders”.  2 of them should make an average PM think:  “We are a fast-paced organization”, and “We are under-resourced”.  Have you ever been anywhere in which the organization ever said “We are laid-back” or “We have too many people”?

Could the problem be that the important things are not being given the proper priority?


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