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Flowcharts Using Word 2007

Posted by iammarchhare on 23 April 2009

MS Project is undoubtedly the most widely known tool in the project management (PM) field.  After it might come a myriad of clones and/or ERP solutions.

However, I would argue that MS Office actually should be inserted between those two.  Did you know you can do Gantt charts in Excel?  Some people actually track projects using Excel.  There are even templates for doing this.  That might be more at the extreme end, though.  MS Word, PowerPoint and Visio, or perhaps OpenOffice equivalents, are all part of the PM toolbox.

I’ve never really understood why I need another application to do diagrams, though.  Visio can be expensive on top of that.  What if all you want to do is flowcharts, and only occasionally at that?

Well, if you have Word 2007, you are in luck!  The How-To Geek posted an article on how to “Create A Flow Chart In Word 2007”.  And, it’s about time, MS!


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