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Check Out My New Lens on Squidoo!

Posted by iammarchhare on 23 April 2009

I’ve finally finished my first Squidoo lens, John D Carmack PMP.  It is basically an online resume.

What is Squidoo?  It is an online publishing tool, but it also is much more!  You can create your own "lens" (Squidoo-speak for a web page), and it can contain all sorts of customizable widgets to suit your needs.  If you are good at putting together web pages and attracting people to them, you can also attract people to your lens and under some circumstances earn money.  You can interact wth other Squidoo users.  You can setup a lens to attract people to your blogs and web sites.  Basically, you can do just about anything but create spam!

Neat, huh?


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