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Posted by iammarchhare on 6 April 2009

Sometimes it isn’t the technology that gives you the edge

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I read an article this weekend on Yahoo! Finance about how some “Jobless make TV ads pitching themselves for work“.  The articles starts out focusing on Jayna Dinsmore who had sent resumes, networked and blogged, but still finds herself unemployed after 5 months.  No one has been hired as of yet with this experimental TV show, but it is still new.

“Exposure” is what Dinsmore was looking for.  Executive producer Ken Masson calls it “cutting edge”, but it isn’t the technology that is cutting edge.  No, it is the use of the technology that is cutting edge.

Targeted marketing, whether it be a product you are trying to sell or a job you are trying to land, won’t be replaced any time soon.  Technology has made it much more possible to target specific groups of people with specific interests.  Sometimes, individuals can be targeted because of past browser history, past purchases, etc.  In the end, it is a much more effective means of marketing.

However, there may be times you need the shotgun approach rather a more narrow aim at a target.

Sometimes, good ideas are fresh not because of the technology but because of a new twist on what’s already there.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.  Just find a new tire for the wheel you have.


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