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Posted by iammarchhare on 20 March 2009

This blog is dedicated to project management, particularly IT project management.  Here I would like to share the successes and blunders of the wild world known as IT project management.

I am an IT PM with 9 years of experience.  I have worked full-time in IT for 13 years.  I started out studying a lot on my own, writing text adventure games and such.

After 11 years in the Army, they were paying people to get out, so I went out and got my BS in Systems Analysis.  While at school, I did some freelance programming, ran a BBS and worked part-time in a computer lab.  At the computer lab, I learned about Novell and AppleTalk networking.  I was Sr Tech by the time I graduated.

Since I was already doing networking and PC support, I landed a job doing Desktop support for a while on contract with BP Oil.  I got tired of that gig, and I wanted to get back into writing code, so I got another contract job doing just that.  They liked my work, so I got hired on full-time as a project lead.  After about 6–8 months, I got promoted to project manager.

Unfortunately, in some of my experience, project management was more of an after-thought.  Mind you, I don’t mean that no one managed it, but no one formally trained in project management oversaw it.  Project management was done by the “seat of your pants”.

I have some articles published on Helium, a writer’s website, about project management and other areas of interest as well.  However, I decided to start a blog because it gives me a little more freedom.  I may cross-publish some posts, but undoubtedly not all of them.  Besides, this gives me a chance to test drive WordPress, and what PM can resist a shiny new toy?

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